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Technical translation
Finance and banking
Legal translation
Medical translation
Construction and Building Trade
Scientific and academic translation
Marketing and Advertising
Computer technology and information science

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Presupuesto rápido
Technical translation
Experts work tirelessly
    with experts to meet their needs!

When cooperating with Loquax, you can with confidence launch any translation project in all technical and technological fields. We have access to a vast reservoir of diverse expertise and HR specialisations, so Loquax is able to complete even your most theoretical, sophisticated and detailed technical language projects.

Our main areas of technical expertise are

Architecture translation services in PolandArchitecture
Cartography translation services in PolandCartography
Chemistry translation services in PolandChemistry
Computer science & technology translation services in PolandComputer science & technology
Construction engineering translation services in PolandConstruction engineering
Electronics translation services in PolandElectronics
Environmental Engineering  translation services in PolandEnvironmental Engineering
Geology translation services in PolandGeology
Material Engineering  translation services in PolandMaterial Engineering
Mechanics translation services in PolandMechanics
Mechatronics translation services in PolandMechatronics
Mining translation services in PolandMining
Production Engineering  translation services in PolandProduction Engineering

Industry Sectors

Chemical industry
transformation of organic compounds
transformation of inorganic compounds
Electromechanical industry
metal industry
Mineral resources industry
Construction materials
Glazing industry
Light industry
Textile industry
Clothing industry
Leather and shoe industry
Food industry
milling industry translations milling industry
meat industry translations meat industry
dairy industry translations dairy industry
fish industry translations fish industry
sugar industry translations sugar industry
confectionery industry translations confectionery industry
(cooking) oil industry translations (cooking) oil industry
tobacco industry translations tobacco industry
alcoholic beverage industry translations alcoholic beverage industry
Metallurgic industry
steel industry
nonferrous metals industry
Wood and paper industry
Timber mills
Wood processing industry
Match-making industry
Pulp and cellulose paper industry
Fuel and power supply industry
Energy mines
Fuel production & processing
Electric energy generation

When working closely with us you can be totally sure that, whatever language we work in, all your technical papers and intellectual property processed by us will be of great value – in content, meaning, accuracy , format & presentation - and will be a credit to the work and reputation of your Company and yourself

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

We welcome you enthusiastically to use our services.
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