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Scientific and academic translation
Scio, me nihil scire

The quotation can also relate to the saying about Higher Education that “we are learning more and more about less and less”

But this sideways look also recognises that the world of Science & Learning is pushing out the frontiers of the Inner Space of Mankind's mind. It is huge, exploding and vibrant, producing vast amounts of material, scientific expositions of space travel to theses & doctorates of anxious, ambitious postgraduate students to long university treatises on every subject in the book...

Loquax is widely experienced in translating every subject in the book...

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All our scientific & academic translators are graduates or postgraduates in their chosen subject, so when cooperating with Loquax you can be absolutely sure that all your materials translated by us will communicate the precise information and meaning painstakingly processed by the original author. They are also double-checked by a native or local ”speaker” and presented with literal, cultural and technical accuracy acceptable, meaningful and motivating to the specific target market, discipline or sector.

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Loquax guarantees expert interpreting services of international conferences, meetings, business negotiations, integrated working teams, quality assurance audits, tourist groups etc.

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