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Technical translation
Finance and banking
Legal translation
Medical translation
Construction and Building Trade
Scientific and academic translation
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Computer technology and information science

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Presupuesto rápido
Finance and banking
Experts bank on experts!

Loquax encourages you to use our translation, interpreting and consulting services within the scope of finance. Our experience, ordering service, HR, and logistics department guarantee that your project will be up to most rigorous standards (including text accuracy requirements and service operation specifications).

We have a long track record in all these specialist disciplines & more
Accounting & bookkeeping translationsAccounting & bookkeeping
Audit translationsAudit
Banking translationsBanking
Banking law translationsBanking law
Business plan translationsBusiness plan
Capital & money markets translationsCapital & money markets
Commodity exchange translationsCommodity exchange
Company appraisal translationsCompany appraisal
Computer science and technology - financial accounting systems translationsComputer science and technology - financial accounting systems
Controlling translationsControlling
Corporate finances translationsCorporate finances
Credits translationsCredits
Econometrics translationsEconometrics
Financial law translationsFinancial law
Financial statement analysis translationsFinancial statement analysis
Insurance translationsInsurance
Insurance company accounting translationsInsurance company accounting
Insurance law translationsInsurance law
Local government finances translationsLocal government finances
Public finances translationsPublic finances
Risk management translationsRisk management
Securities translationsSecurities
Securities law translationsSecurities law
Trust funds translationsTrust funds

When working closely with us you can be totally sure that, whatever language we work in, the specialist financial terminolgy and information appearing in all your material processed by us will be relevant, comprehensive and precise, and will be a great aid to the maximum efficiency of your Company and yourself

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We welcome you enthusiastically to use our services.
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