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Specialist translation in over 150 languages

You will benefit enormously from our core expertise - translations of all types of texts, e.g. corporate, marketing, copyright, official, legal, technical, academic – the list is endless.

Our team includes the best “certified” translators – which means they are officially and legally authorised by the Government in their country to translate documents like academic qualifications, sworn police & court statements, legal documents, wills & testaments, etc.

The vast scope of our package and the professional procedures developed by Loquax over the years guarantee efficient and speedy completion and development of your linguistic projects to the highest international standard

This is a selection of the projects we've carried out to our clients' full satisfaction. How many do YOU need?

Corporate & Business

Corporate Business plans
Commercial correspondence translationCommercial correspondence
Confidential documents translationConfidential documents
Contracts, deals & agreements translationContracts, deals & agreements
Corporate documents translationCorporate documents
Data banks translationData banks
Forms & applications translationForms & applications
Legal documents translationForms & applications
Letters of attorney translationLetters of attorney
Notarial deeds translationNotarial deeds
Reports & expert opinions translationReports & expert opinions
Training materials & aids translationTraining materials & aids
Polish Translation Services etc.

Financial Educational & Legal

Translation Services in PolandCompany Accounts
European Translation ServicesDoctoral Theses
European Languages Translation ServicesEducational Certificates
Eastern European Languages Translation ServicesExamination papers
Eastern European Translation ServicesLegal documents
Polish Translation ServicesLetters of attorney
Polish Translation ServicesNotarial deeds
Polish Translation Services etc.

Technical & Industrial

Appliance models & diagrams translationAppliance models & diagrams
Certificates, licences & patents translationsCertificates, licences & patents
Certification translationCertification
Manuals translationManuals
Product & operational manuals & users' guidesProduct & operational manuals & users' guides
Parts & units catalogues translationParts & units catalogues
Quality control system documentation translationQuality control system documentation
Specifications translationSpecifications
Technical & engineering drawings translationTechnical & engineering drawings
Technical benchmarks translationTechnical benchmarks
Technical translation services etc.

Publicity & Advertising

Advertising brochures translationAdvertising brochures
Information & advertising fliers translationInformation & advertising fliers
Media appraisal, negotiation & bookingMedia appraisal, negotiation & booking
Multimedia presentations translationMultimedia presentations
Product catalogues translationProduct catalogues
Promotional campaigns & marketing creations translationPromotional campaigns & marketing creations
Translation services in Polandetc.

Publishing & Publications

Books translation, DTP services in PolandBooks
Editorials and articles translation, DTP services in PolandEditorials and articles
Guides & aids translation, DTP services in PolandGuides & aids
Scientific & teaching materials translation, DTP services in PolandScientific & teaching materials
Tourist guides translation, DTP services in PolandTourist guides
 DTP services in Poland etc.

By cooperating with Loquax you can be absolutely sure that all your materials translated by us will be of great value, both as for sense, style, content and meaning.

We welcome you enthusiastically to use our services.
Specialist translation
By cooperating with Loquax, you can launch any translation projects within the scope of all technical and technology fields.

Going places? Let's Go Slavic
We are particularly strong in Greater Europe, made greater by the major East European nations which recently joined The EU, notably Poland, and encompassing the neighbouring big countries - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus - forming a huge market culturally & linguistically linked by the common Slavic tongue (CTA)

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