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Teléfono (+48) 81 740 11 13
Fax (+48) 81 533 86 91

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Studio equipment

Comprehensive offer made by Loquax also includes sonic recording (e.g. sound waves, sound films, sound logos, sound effects, soundtracks etc). We provide highly developed equipment and professional technical service.

Technical specifications


40 automated channels incl. dynamic sound processing in each channel (compressors, limiters, noise reduction tools, expanders)
Tascam M-3700 (automated)


Mac G3 + Pro Tools 5.1 (2xFrontier TANGO 24) 24/48,16 In/Out (up to 64 audio tracks internally)
Mac PowerPC + Pro Tools 5.0.1 (2xdigidesign 882) 16/48, 16 In/Out
PC P166 + Cubase Score (2x)

Tape recorders

Studer A-820 MKII 24tracks + Dolby SR
Studer A-807 2track
Studer A-721 tape
2xDAT Tascam DA-30
DAT Studer

Effects processors

Lexicon 480 L
Lexicon 300
Lexicon LXP-15
TC Electronic M 5000
2 x Eventite H 3000

Dynamics processors

M-500 Dynamics Processor
Compressor DPR 402, 4 channel Noise Gate DPR 504, Dual Equaliser-Analyser, Sonic Maximizer 822A
Aural Exciter type III, Dominator II
Compressor GC-2020
2x528E Voice Processor
t.c. electronics
GoldChanell, FinalizerPLUS
Kultube compresor, Gold Mike preamp

Guitar preamps

Line 6 POD 2.
Digitech GSP7
Alesis QuadraverbGT


Neuman TLM-170
Neuman U-87
Rode (lampowy)
Bruel & Kjaer 4011

By cooperating with Loquax you can count on us for the highest quality service and total satisfaction from projects coming to fruition.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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